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Property is fully fenced for horses or cows. Secluded yard. Terrain is gradual slope. Great view of mountains and valley. Currently used for 20 acres of crops, pasture, spring water. Could be zoned residential, recreational or agriculture/pasture. Includes 4 water shares in Grover Irrigation Company (gravity flow, pressurized) plus 1898 Spring Water Right #95-770. Right to use 1/2 of well for culinary water. Mineral rights and oil and gas are excluded. One agent is related to the seller.


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  • 79.18

  • AG


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Mathew Chappell has been an Investment Specialist at NAI since 2005 and has brokered numerous national, state and local investment and business sales, 1031 TIC Exchanges and land transactions for clients from around the world.

Mathew is one of the top motel and restaurant specialists in the State of Utah. He has extensive experience in all aspects of real estate from asset management & development to Tenant and Landlord representation.

Mathew is also an expert in the field of listing and selling large business, retail development land, ranches and farm land. He was President and CEO of a mid-sized national cheese manufacturing plant and large diary ranch and farm for 25 years while he owned and operated four other multiple businesses concurrently. Mathew was responsible for the day to day operation and management of more than 50 employees and $8,000,000 in annual revenues.

25 years of extensive hands on knowledge of farm and ranching, federal and state land laws, and water allow Mathew the unique ability to give a prospective buyer the necessary tools for making an informed decision regarding land, or Utah water rights.

As a Utah Securities Agent, Mathew has the ability and capability to analyze a client's investment needs in the context of current market conditions and implement solutions that will meet a 1031 TIC client's investment objectives and optimize their real estate portfolio through personalized strategic asset management. Mathew's former clients say that he dogs a deal, has a warm, easy & friendly personality and that his integrity is well known throughout the Intermountain West.

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